Union - 02.12.2016 klo 10.44 - News

‘Find out what’s really going on at workplaces’

Ghanaian PAM members are frustrated: the Union tells them to turn to their shop steward and the shop steward won’t help them. Now PAM promises to improve membership services for foreign workers. »

Union - 01.02.2016 klo 09.36 - News

Help for immigrants

Workers who have come from abroad will finally get their own employment advisory services as of the beginning of March. Help will also be available for non-union members and undocumented people. »

Union - 22.06.2015 klo 08.28 - News

Making a course through the storm

A trade union is like a ship turning slowly. But what is the slight change of course that was made at the Congress? Tiia Tuomela, Aki Kivari, Päivi Vehmas and Berhan Ahmadi are among the ship’s skippers. »

Union - 08.05.2015 klo 08.00 - News

PAM Magazine 6/15: "Immigrants ought to have some power within the union"

PAM members elected 393 delegates to the massive Congress due to be held in early June. One of them is Bhuiyan Nurer Zaman. »

Union - 26.09.2014 klo 15.52 - News

When mirror and scissors are not enough

The hairdressing sector looked truth in the eye and took action. However, it has not been easy to improve the occupational health and safety of barbers and hairdressers within the EU. »