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Pass a special test to get a Hygiene Passport

A learning difficulty, a sensory impairment or poor Finnish language skills will not prevent you from obtaining the Food Hygiene Proficiency Certificate, commonly known as the Hygiene Passport. At the Helsinki-based Keskuspuisto Vocational College, tailoring hygiene proficiency tests to meet the needs of different participants is part of the daily routine. »

Skills - 06.03.2015 klo 06.00 - Article

You learn a language by speaking it

When Riina Link moved from Estonia to Finland five years ago, she did not know any Finnish. ‘When I went into a store, all I could say was “thanks” and “bye” and I didn’t understand many product labels,’ she now reminisces in fluent Finnish. »

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Who is responsible for language skills?

Finnish is needed when working in Finland. Employer support would make it easier for immigrants to study Finnish. »

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Pam Magazine: A Master at School

Zuzeeko Abeng moved to Finland and found work at a school. Now he writes about how he was treated, his attempts to find help and what he learned in the process. »