Politics - 21.04.2017 klo 09.00 - News

Fighting inequality

Jaana Reijonsaari, Susanna Suoniemi and Suldaan Said Ahmed share the urge to stand up for those in a more vulnerable position and to make sure that basic services are available to everyone. They are also all PAM members. In the recent local elections, they were elected to their respective local councils. »

Politics - 10.03.2017 klo 08.00 - News

Sunday pay is not going anywhere

Premium pay for working on Sundays is important to low-paid service sector employees. The working group set up to reform the Working Hours Act is not planning to intervene in Sunday pay. »

Politics - 27.01.2017 klo 09.10 - News

Interviews in progress with unemployed job seekers

The turn of the year saw the introduction of several legislative amendments concerning unemployed job seekers. Brand new measures include periodic interviews and recruitment trials. »

Politics - 01.04.2016 klo 09.45 - News

Can PAM apply itself?

Service Union United PAM is launching negotiations on how to implement the competitiveness contract in service sectors. The question of increasing working hours will probably turn out to be the trickiest issue on the agenda. »

Politics - 25.09.2015 klo 12.51 - News

Mandatory laws difficult to railroad through

The Finnish Government is planning to strip trade unions of the right to agree on terms such as better pay levels for Sunday work than those laid down by law.Legal experts in labour law consider that the proposal is unconstitutional and in contravention of international agreements. »